Welcome to the "Investing in the Future" section!


"Investing in the Future" is a valuable program that offers support for journalists and media professionals in six countries in the Middle East. Most Arab countries suffer from restrictions on press freedom, and lack of adequate in-company and mid-career training facilities. This program addresses these issues by enabling journalists and legal experts in the region to expand and upgrade their skills through the provision of short, relevant and practical training.


"Investing in the Future" tries to promote an environment that enables journalists to put their newly acquired skills and ideas in practice. It keeps in touch with the media organizations represented in its training workshops and it is engaged in direct cooperation with an increasing number of media organizations in the region, aimed at raising standards of professional quality and innovation.


 “Investing in the Future” is aware of the institutional and political context in which media organizations in the Middle East operate. The program endeavors to support the work of non-governmental organizations in the Middle East involved in defending media freedom, advocacy for legal change and raising the legal awareness of journalists concerning their rights and obligations.


 “Investing in the Future is” likes to maintain a comprehensive program that includes specialized training, media activities and a community built especially for media professionals. The program is implemented on national and regional levels by the Investing in the Future Training Unit in Egypt and the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists in Jordan as well as an alliance of NGOs and media institutions in the MENA region.


 This initiative is strongly supported, facilitated, and funded by the Dutch media organization FreeVoice which supports worldwide media projects for independent and pluralistic media, reliable journalism, and press freedom.


Years of academic research and professional cooperation resulted in the launch of the "Investing in the Future" program in 2006. The Program started with a series of Training of Trainer programs (TOT) for journalists and lawyers in 2007 and initiated the website Menassat.com which remains closely linked to the "Investing in the Future" program.


Our plans for 2009 include:

 • Establishing and strengthening "Media Legal Aid Centers";

 • Establishing a Forum for Parliamentarians, Journalists and Legal Experts;

 • Organizing workshops, "The voice of civil society," in which media professionals will be trained in reporting on civil society, human rights and social conflicts;

 • Organizing workshops, "Financial Journalism," in which media professionals will be trained in reporting on the emerging financial sector in the region.

• Organizing training workshops on journalistic ethics, legal awareness and media advocacy to address the needs of media professionals;