JORDAN: Sillee Soonee Sister says: Vote Harakat Haki Fadi (Blah Blah Party)

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Salaam ‘Alaikum

It’s that time of the century again. Yes, that’s right. It’s time for free and fair elections in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Umm Zaid: Batikh u Mismir

I am asking you to vote not for me, but for the noble platform of batikh u mismir. What could be more important than batikh u mismir? Batikh u mismir il yawm, batikh u mismir bukra, batikh u mismir da’iman. Umm Zaid, running for Harakat Haki Fadi.

I run on the platform of promising to change the citizenship laws so that women have the same rights and dignity as men, closing the loopholes of 340 and 98, to honor the names of those killed for the sake of honor instead of burying them in the dust, and to allow women to own guns. Gunz for Gurlz.

And I might do something about that Social Security b/c boy howdy, does it take a healthy chunk of my paycheck. Also, I will push for mandatory legislation that Dr. Pepper be produced domestically, post haste. Ipso facto, ridiculum sum, ergo sum. Also, if you are concerned, I am connected with a big tribe from Salt and a big family. So if you’re voting solely based on tribe and family, rest assured you can still vote for me. If, however, you are voting for the candidate who pays the most, I can’t do anything for you right now (see aforementioned campaign pledge about Social Security).

Where are the candidates who will bring change to this land and her people? I don’t see them. Seriously, do you want to vote for jokers like this:

Majlis Candidates by Hussam Ensour

Yadda yadda. Haki Fadi! Vote Umm Zaid — Da’ira 153. I want the pension.

So vote for me, because as a non-candidate, I will do as much to change these things as the real candidates.

For a more… serious–koffkoffkoff– look at the Jordanian Parliamentarian Elections, please see this article from the NYT wherein the liberals declare they are willing to give up some freedoms if it means keeping the IAF out of power. Which is all well and nice, but why not do something real if you don’t want the IAF to be chosen by the people? Which kind of makes you wonder how weak they are, that they can’t keep the IAF out based on their records or their platforms, but based on taking away what rights and freedoms we have.

Haki Fadi Party: We Don’t Beat Around the Bush! Umm Zaid, Da’ira 153.