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Fouad Ahmad Alfarhan was born in 1975 A.D in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Married and has two kids : Raghd (a 10 years old girl) and Khattab (a 5 years old boy). He is the general manager of Smart Info Inc. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He had a bachelor in Management- Marketing from Eastern Washington University, Spokane, U.S.A. He studied Master in Computer Science in Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, U.S.A.

He is one of the first Saudi Bloggers who wrote under their real name. He was known for his writings that demands reforms in Saudi Arabia, freedom of speech, and justice. He was forced to stop blogging in the beginning of 2007 after some harassments from officials, before he resumed to write in July 2007.

He was arrested on Tuesday, 11th of December in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia without any clear charges, and for that this blog was created demanding for his release.

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